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Elite Junior Grand Prix

There are three main elements to a High Performance Program, which are the training environment, the competition program and performance evaluation.

Diving Australia, the State Associations and the relevant State Institutes of Sport and/or State Academies of Sport are working together to elevate the quality of the training environments around Australia to assist our young, talented divers to develop to a world class level.

The current competition program for Junior A, B and C groups is inadequate to provide the necessary competition experience required by our elite junior athletes to be internationally competitive.

Additional competitions also provide valuable performance feedback for coaches and athletes which can be incorporated into future training.

A national competition program incorporating State Junior Championships is being implemented to enhance elite junior competition and boost performance evaluation.

Benefits of Elite Grand Prix Competition

* All State Championships would benefit from the increase in number of divers and quality of event.

* Athletes benefit as a result of increase in number and quality of cometitions

* Better utilisation of pool hire, event management and judges as part fo State Championships

* Greater experience for State Judges

* Promotion of the sport of Diving

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